Robots learn from turtles.

What if your feet could turn into flippers?  You could walk and swim fast!  People gave a robot feet that change to flippers. 

The robot walks to water.  Its feet change.  Then it swims like a turtle.

Pray: Thank God we can learn from animals how to make helpful robots. God made just the right feet for each task. 

Read More: Yale researchers made a turtle robot. Its name is ART (Amphibious Robotic Turtle). ART’s legs change their shape, stiffness, and movements. The legs move the robot upright over land. ART plops down when it reaches water. Its legs change into flippers so it can swim. ART can help scientists monitor land and water on shorelines. It can bring tools to divers while they work in water. It can help people learn more about waves and currents in ocean surf. “O Lord, how manifold are your works! In wisdom have you made them all.” (Psalm 104:24)