A happy whale has family.

It is hard to find whale singers.  That is a good thing!  People think lonely whales sing to find mates.  

There are more whales in the sea now.  They find mates.  They are happy. 

Pray: Thank God there are more whales in the ocean. Pray they will have many more healthy families.

Read More: Scientists first studied humpback whale songs in the 1970s. Only male whales sing. Eastern Australia’s humpback whales almost died out in the 1960s. About 200 whales were left. Australia made hunting them against the law in 1963. Humpback numbers rose to 27,000 by 2015. Whales sing less now. It is easier for males to find mates. God knows creatures need families to thrive and grow. He knew the first man needed family too. God gave Adam a wife. “I will make him a helper fit for him.” (Genesis 2:18)