Old clothes make art.

Some people give away old clothes.  Some cut up worn T-shirts to make rags.  Mr. Gah uses old clothes for art.

Mr. Gah does not want old clothes in the trash.  They make great pictures!    

Pray: Thank God we can take old things and make new art with them. What can you use to make art?

Read More: Michael Gah is an artist in Accra, Ghana. People often throw clothes away when styles go out of fashion. Ghana imports millions of items of second-hand clothing every week. Almost half ends up in dumps. Mr. Gah does not want old clothes piled in the gutter. He collects several bags of clothes each week. He turns them into pictures of children playing with trucks and women singing. People made art for the temple in Moses’ day. They spun blue, purple, and scarlet yarn for beautiful temple curtains and priests’ clothes. (Exodus 35:25)