Happy Mother’s Day, pangolins.

Meet Little Cone.  She is a pangolin (PAN-guh-lin).  She was born this year.

There are not many pangolins.  A new baby is a big deal.  She will grow up to eat ants and bugs.  Yum!

Pray zoos will be able to help pangolins have more babies. Thank God for the amazing animals He has made.

Read More: The Czech Republic has a zoo in Prague. Taiwan gave the zoo a pangolin couple. The mother had a baby in February. Park keepers worried. Little Cone lost weight. Her mother didn’t have enough milk. Staff fed the baby cat milk until the mother could make more milk. Pangolins are also called scaly anteaters. They are endangered. People hunt them for meat and to make medicine. Little Cone is the first pangolin born in a zoo in Europe. “Now out of the ground the Lord God had formed every beast of the field.” (Genesis 1:19)