Seeds sit and spin.

Pop!  A stork’s bill seed flies off a flower.  A dry stalk on a seed curls into a coil.  The coil spins into soil when it rains.

People make wood coils to hold other seeds.  The seeds grow.    

Pray: Thank God for the lessons stork’s bill seeds teach us. God’s wise design shows us how to help other plants

Read More: Dr. Lining Yao works in Pennsylvania. She grew up with parents who farmed. She had an idea to help seeds grow. She learned from stork’s bill flowers. Her team makes seed carriers out of thin strips of white oak. Each carrier looks like a coiled top. Drones drop seeds from the sky over areas hard to reach. The seeds burrow into the soil once wet. Forests harmed by fires and damaged wetlands can be replanted. “You cause the grass to grow for the livestock and plants for man to cultivate." (Psalm 104:14)