Buddies make a great fish story.

Do you need a fishing pal?  Ask a dolphin!

People stand in sea water.  Dolphins chase fish to shore.  The dolphins dive for fish.  People drop nets.  They all get a catch!

Pray: Thank God for the great team that people and dolphins make. They help each other get the food they need.

Read More: People in Laguna, Brazil, fish with wild bottlenose dolphins. The dolphins chase schools of silver fish called mullet. Dolphins track fish in murky water by making small clicks. Click sounds bounce off schools of fish. Dolphins herd fish toward shore and leap for a meal. That’s the signal! Fishers drop their nets for a catch. The nets startle fish. Fish break into smaller groups. They are easier for dolphins to grab. After Jesus filled Peter’s net with fish, He said, “from now on you will be catching men.” (Luke 5:10)