What a big tooth!

Molly opens her eyes wide.  She pulls a tooth from the water.

It came from a shark that lived long ago.  The fish was as big as a semi-truck!

Pray: Thank God for the many wonderful creatures He made. The tooth of a long-gone fish shows us His power.

Read More: Nine-year-old Molly Sampson loves to look for fossils. She searched in the Chesapeake Bay after getting some chest waders for Christmas. She hoped to find the tooth of an extinct shark called a megalodon. Megalodons (nicknamed “megs”) could grow 60 feet long. They could not swallow prey whole. God gave them sharp teeth to tear their food. Molly carried her treasured tooth to a museum. Staff there said she found the real thing. It is the tooth of a meg! “How great are your works, O Lord!” (Psalm 92:5)