Ready, aim, fire!

What sport do you like to play or watch?  Soccer?  Baseball?  Many people like archery (ARE-chuh-ree).

People have contests.  They shoot arrows.  Who can best hit the target? 

Pray: Thank God for the fun of sports and games, and for sharp skills.

Read More: Archery is a prized skill in Shillong, India. The only days archers do not have shooting contests are Sundays and state holidays. Archers use bamboo bows and arrows. They have to shoot 34 arrows in four minutes in one contest! The archers aim at a straw target. Many young people in the city do not want to learn archery. But shooting arrows is still popular in villages. Some of David’s best warriors were archers who could shoot arrows and sling stones “with either the right or the left hand.” (1 Chronicles 12:2)