Take care of busy bees.

Anna D. saw four bees on a flower.  They spread pollen in plants.  That helps plants make seeds.

Bees have a big job.  Anna teaches people how to care for bees and plants.

Pray people will garden in ways that help bees. Thank God for bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds. They all spread pollen.

Read More: Anna DeVolld is 17. She gardens in Alaska. She saw bees on her sunflowers one summer. Animals that pollinate help make seeds for 75 percent of food crops and about 90 percent of flowering plants. The number of bees is going down fast. Pesticides and habitat loss are partly to blame. Anna started Promote Our Pollinators (P.O.P.) in 2018. She shows children how to help. She provides classes, books, and six-pack pots of plants. “As a garden causes seeds to grow,” so God will make righteousness spring up. (Isaiah 61:11 NIV)