Ship ahoy!

People looked for sand and stones.  They wanted to sell them.  They found a ship!

The ship is from a long time ago.  People think it was used for trading goods.

Pray: Thank God for the thrill of finding treasures from history. Very few ships like this one have ever been found.

Read More: A concrete company dug for concrete ingredients last April. Workers dredged a lake in a quarry over 900 feet inland. It is near the southeast coast of England. They uncovered a ship. Few English-built ships from the 1500s have been discovered. Trade boomed in the 1500s. Ships sailed back and forth to Europe in the English Channel. More than 100 English oak timbers from the ship’s hull were found. Scientists figured out the ship’s age by looking at the tree rings. “Remember the former things of old; for I am God, and there is no other.” (Isaiah 46:9)