Bring the great outdoors home.

Take off your cork hat.  Turn on your plant lamp.  Sit in your squishy chair.  It is filled with lentils.

People use nature to make all kinds of things!

Pray:  Thank God for His good creation. May people use what they find in nature to make helpful products.

Read More: Companies are making more recycled and plant products. Plants are a good renewable resource. Cork can become soft leather. It can cover chairs or make clothes and hats. Lamps that look like curled paper are made of dried algae. Soft chairs can be filled with lentils or buckwheat. A new mesh yarn comes from recycled bottles. It makes shoes and swimwear. Old car windshields can be crushed and baked into wall tiles. “Let the Earth sprout vegetation, plants yielding seed, and fruit trees bearing fruit.” (Genesis 1:11)