This is ice worth saving.

Mr. F. flies his plane all over the world.  He takes pictures of ice.

Glaciers (GLAY-shers) are huge masses of ice.  Mr. F. wants people to have pictures of them for years to come.

Pray God will show people how to care for the Earth well. Pray glaciers will last a long time.  

Read More: Garrett Fisher flew over Norway last summer. He took photos of glaciers. The 41-year-old learned in the 1990s that many glaciers are shrinking. He has taken pictures all over the world ever since. He wonders if glaciers will be around in 200 years. The Alps have lost about half their volume since 1900. Many believe climate change is the cause. They worry. But others say Earth’s temperatures go through stages. Really cold time periods are “Ice Ages.” Mr. Fisher hopes his pictures help people to appreciate our beautiful planet. “The world and all that is in it, you have founded them.” (Psalm 89:11)