What will people think of next?

A bird feeder can take pictures.  These skates roll you around.  Dogs learn to push a button when they want food. 

There are many new tools and toys.  People have great ideas!

Pray: Thank God for creative minds. Can you think of anything to invent that would help others?

Read More: The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) happens every January. This year, 3,000 tech companies met in Las Vegas, Nevada. They brought new gadgets. The Bird Buddy feeder takes photos. It can identify over 1,000 birds. Electric skates can carry you 20 miles. Skate on your own when the battery runs low. A plastic mat has buttons dogs learn to press. Dogs signal when they are hungry or want to play. But watch the prices. These inventions cost well over $100 each. God gives all people their intelligence, skill, and artistic gifts. (Exodus 31:1-11)