Moms and babies were here?

People found bones.  They thought many giant reptiles came to the spot and died.

Now many think the creatures came to have babies.  They may have come in groups to keep each other safe.

Pray: Thank God for the clues He gives us to learn more about history and ancient reptiles.

Read More: A Nevada fossil site was dug up in the 1950s. The area used to be a sea. Many thought the 37 ichthyosaurs found all died at the same time. Ichthyosaur means fish lizard. These swimmers lived in water. They had paddle-shaped flippers. They could grow to the size of a bus! But their bones are in different rock layers. That means they died years apart. Tiny bones show some were newborns. Maybe this isn’t a graveyard. Maybe it’s a nursery! “Your judgments are like the great deep; man and beast you save, O Lord." (Psalm 36:6)