Hooray for baby lizards.

The babies are green.  The grown-ups are pink.  Meet pink lizards.  Not many of these pink lizards are left. 

People found babies!  That is good news.  People hope they grow and have more babies.  

Pray God will give pink lizards big families so they will always be around. They are part of His good creation.

Read More: Wolf Volcano is in the Galápagos Islands in the Pacific Ocean. It is the only native home for pink land iguanas. A few hundred are left. National park rangers first spotted them in 1986. They can grow to 18.5 inches long. Feral cats and black rats are not native to the islands. People brought those creatures there. They eat iguana eggs and babies. Scientists want to protect the lizards. They are hopeful since they found young iguanas and babies. God said, “Let the Earth bring forth living creatures according to their kinds.” (Genesis 1:24)