Frogs play hide and seek.

Now you see them.  Now you do not.  Meet northern glass frogs.

Birds eat tiny frogs.  Birds cannot find glass frogs easily.  The frogs sleep under leaves.  They are clear.  They blend in to hide.  

Pray: Thank God for the ways He helps animals stay safe. He kindly cares for all He has made.

Read More: Northern glass frogs live in South and Central America. Their skin is transparent. Blood flowing through their bodies should be easy to spot. But the frogs are experts at hiding. They can keep most of their red blood cells in their livers while they doze. They can also shrink down most of their organs. Most animals cannot live with only small amounts of blood flowing through their bodies. Blood moves oxygen that living cells need. Glass frogs are little miracles! God created “every living creature that moves.” He “saw that it was good.” (Genesis 1:21)