He is a wonder with one hand.

Swoosh!  Mr. E. smashes the basketball through the net.  He can slam dunk with one arm.

Mr. E. lost his left arm when he was six.  God gives him the strength to play and enjoy life.

Pray: Thank God for His power at work in His people. God works through our injuries for His glory and our joy. 

Read More: Hansel Enmanuel plays basketball at Northwestern State University in Louisiana. Mr. Enmanuel was six when a block wall fell and pinned his left arm. Doctors had to remove most of his arm. But God gave him hope. Mr. Enmanuel often fell trying to play basketball. He had a hard time with balance. He kept practicing. “Enmanuel” sounds a lot like the Bible name “Immanuel.” Mr. Enmanuel says the only special thing he has is “God with me.” Jesus came into the world to be with us and save us, “. . . and they shall call His name ‘Immanuel’ (which means, God with us).” (Matthew 1:23)