A better bean is here.

What kind of beans help people and trees?  Coffee beans!

A type of coffee bean grows well in the shade of trees.  People want to keep those trees safe.  Farmers can grow coffee to sell.   

Pray: Thank God for beans that give people work and help the forest.

Read More: Gorongosa National Park is in Mozambique, Africa. The park lost 250 acres of rainforest every year for 40 years. People fighting in a war damaged trees. People in nearby cities chopped trees for firewood and housing. Park staff studied which coffee trees best handle pests, disease, drought, and heavy rain. Ranger Pedro Muagura brought new coffee trees to the park in 2020. They grow well in shade. People protect the land now. The coffee trees help over 800 farmers. The Lord made and preserves “the Earth and all that is on it.” (Nehemiah 9:6)