They learn and love.

The Henry family lives near the Navajo (NAH-vuh-hoh) people.  God made each tribe of people.  There are tribes all over the United States. 

The Henrys share meals with Navajo friends.  They love to learn.  They talk about Jesus.

Pray: Thank God for the many tribes He has made. Each tribe has its own customs, culture, and language.

Read More: Daniel and Emily Henry live near the Navajo Nation in Arizona. The Henrys study Diné Bizaad (di-NAY bi-ZAHD). That is the Navajo language. The Henrys work with Navajo students from Indian Bible College. They pray many Navajo men will be church planters. The Henrys also lead Bible studies. Navajo friends teach the Henrys about their beautiful culture. Eat some tasty fry bread. Touch a woven blanket. Look at a Bible in Diné Bizaad. The Bible teaches Jesus has saved “people for God from every tribe and language.” (Revelation 5:9)