These birds are alive and well.

People were afraid.  Were there no more of these birds left?  Surprise!  They are still alive.

Some folks saw the birds.  They heard them call out.  Now we have pictures of one.

Pray: Thank God these birds are alive. May God help the birds survive for years to come.

Read More: Fergusson Island is just off Papua New Guinea. It is the only place where people have seen black-naped pheasant-pigeons. Scientists thought the pigeons were extinct. But hunters said they spotted the bird. A local says he saw the bird in a place with steep ridges and valleys. Scientists set up cameras. A photo shows a bird walking right past a camera! This is the first image of the species made since 1882. It felt like “finding a unicorn,” says scientist John Mittermeier. The Bible teaches God cares for birds and feeds them. But He cares for you even more. (Matthew 6:26)