Go camp on a rock.

Grab rope and metal clips.  Get a sleeping bag.  Pack food for four days.  It is camping time on the side of a rock wall.  

That is what 8-year-old Sam did with his dad!

Pray: Thank God for trips with family members. It is fun to do brave things with loved ones.

Read More: Sam Baker has climbed since he could walk. He and his family live in Colorado. Sam and his dad traveled to Yosemite National Park in California last October. They climbed ropes up El Capitan. It is the biggest rock wall in North America. It soars 3,000 feet high, almost straight up! Sam and his dad slept in harnesses on a platform. It was fastened to the wall. His family wants parents “to adventure big with their kids.” David says, “The Lord is my rock . . . in whom I take refuge.” (Psalm 18:2)