Need a snack? Go to the bank.

What kind of bank lets you eat grapes?  A farmer keeps fruit in a “grape bank.”

He wants to keep old kinds of grapes safe.  He eats the same kinds of grapes his grandpa ate.  

Pray: Thank God for farmers. They make sure we can eat fruits we love for years to come. 

Read More: Kamal el-Saikali comes from a family of grape farmers in Lebanon. His kids do not want to lose the old grape varieties. They asked if the varieties could grow in a safe place. Mr. Saikali started a grape bank six years ago. He has 72 types of grapes in 210 vines. The grapes are the same ones “our grandfathers used to eat,” he says. They made molasses and raisins from the fruit. The Bible teaches us to wait for the Lord like a patient farmer, who “waits for the precious fruit of the earth.” (James 5:7)