Stay warm with sand.

Brrr.  It is cold in Finland.  Some places get sun only half the day in winter.  Four friends want to help people stay warm.

They built a huge sand battery.  It heats homes. 

Pray: Thank God for warm homes. Pray people will think of more ways to store heat and save energy.

Read More: Tommi Eronen lives in Finland. People there often need to heat their homes from September to May. Mr. Eronen read about fireplaces made of stone and sand in 2016. Sand stores heat well. He started a company called Polar Night Energy with three friends. They built a 23-foot-high steel bin. They filled it with 110 tons of cheap sand. A heater warms air inside the sand. The battery provides heat and hot water for 100 homes! “And walk in love, as Christ loved us.” (Ephesians 5:2)