Cut trees for critters.

Crunch, munch.  Koalas in zoos eat lots of leaves.  So do giraffes.

Where does their food come from?  Some zoo workers snip local plants and trees.  That saves money.  And it fills furry tummies. 

Pray zoo animals will have all they need to be healthy. May God bless the workers who care for them.

Read More: San Francisco Zoo workers often hang out at parks. But they are not there to play. They look for eucalyptus plants. Migrants from Australia brought eucalyptus seeds to California in the 1800s. The plant took over. That’s good news for the zoo’s koalas. They can eat more than two pounds each day. Oakland Zoo is not far from San Francisco. Local tree trimmers donate black acacia tree branches for giraffes. One giraffe can eat 75 pounds of food in a day! God gave people and animals “every tree with seed in its fruit” for food. (Genesis 1:29)