He loved to make books.

Mr. S. made books for kids.  He wrote, drew, and painted.  His art hangs in a museum (mew-ZEE-um). 

People like to see the art from his books.  Do you see the “wild things”?

Pray: Thank God for good books. God gives people the talent to write well and make art.

Read More: An exhibit in Columbus, Ohio, is showing Maurice Sendak’s art through early March. He drew alligators “doing dishes” for the letter D in Alligators All Around. He taught the months of the year with funny poems in Chicken Soup with Rice. He is most famous for Where the Wild Things Are. A boy named Max finds out he does not always want to be wild. He learns he is thankful for home. God gave us a book that is strong and true: “The word of our God will stand forever.” (Isaiah 40:8)