Make a grab for the flag.

Run!  Chase the person with the ball.  Pull a flag off her belt.  No score.  Your turn.  Race for a touchdown!

Flag football is now a fun sport for girls in some high schools. 

Pray: Thank God for games like flag football. We can enjoy teammates, work together, and grow stronger when we play sports.

Read More: California approved making flag football a girls’ high school sport. Flag football is on the rise because no tackling is allowed. Fewer injuries result. The game is also cheaper since no helmets or pads are worn. Some places offer flag football all year. One season lasts six to 12 weeks. Teams have five to 10 players. Smaller fields mean a faster pace. The Bible teaches there is a victory better than winning a game. We overcome the world when Jesus helps us obey Him. Our faith is the victory. (1 John 5:3-4)