Learn on the move.

Mr. G. saw children playing.  They had no school.  Their parents are nomads.  Nomads travel from place to place.  Their animals need fresh grass. 

Mr. G. is now their teacher.  He travels with them!

Pray nomad families will learn not only to read and write. Pray they will learn about the love of Jesus.

Read More: Leonard Gamaigue (Gay-mah-EEG) is a teacher in Chad. Nomads in the south move after seasonal rains. They travel to central Chad’s pastures. Mr. Gamaigue started a school for nomad children in 2019. Today he has 69 students. His class meets outside on a mat. Mr. Gamaigue is learning too. He now drinks mostly milk from the herds. And he packs up his blackboard about every two months to move. God wants adults and children to learn His laws and His character. “Little ones” are welcomed to hear His word. (Deuteronomy 31:12-13)