Mom, can I fly my bike?

Japan made a bike that flies!  It is like a big drone that people ride.

Police could answer calls for help faster.  Pizza guys could swoop in to bring dinner.  You could fly Mom to the park!   

Pray: Thank God He gives people creative ideas for how to travel. We have trains, cars, planes, and now flying bikes.

Read More: AERWINS Technologies in Japan made the XTURISMO bike. It can fly for 40 minutes. It can reach 62 miles per hour. The company wants to sell the bikes in the United States next year. But the price is $777,000. AERWINS hopes to make a small electric model by 2023. That bike may cost around $50,000. Thad Szott is co-chair of an auto show. He said riding the bike was like being in Star Wars! God gives us the skill to create. Read 2 Chronicles 26:15 to learn about King Uzziah’s machines.