Show off those rings, Neptune.

New pictures show clear shots of Neptune’s rings. The rings are made of dust and ice.

Neptune is cold and windy.  No other planet is so far from the Sun.  It is an “ice giant.”

Pray: Thank God for photos of Neptune. God shows His goodness and power in all He has made.

Read More: The James Webb Space Telescope recently shared the best images of Neptune made in 30 years. Webb captured Neptune’s rings and seven of its 14 known moons. The largest is Triton. It orbits the planet backward! NASA says Neptune is so far from the Sun that “noon on the planet is like a dim twilight on Earth.” Neptune is huge. “If Earth were the size of a nickel, Neptune would be about as big as a baseball.” Praise God for planets! “All things were created through Him and for Him.” (Colossians 1:16)