Have you ever asked, “Do spiders sleep?”

Scientists in Germany did.  And the answer is, “Yes!”

Baby jumping spiders hang from threads of silk at night.  Their legs twitch.  Their eyes flicker. 

Dogs do that.  So do people!

Pray: Thank God for good sleep. It helps us stay healthy and learn better.

Read More: Scientist Daniela Roessler and her team studied the furry brown jumping spiders with four pairs of eyes. The team works at the University of Konstanz. Humans and many animals have times during sleep when they dream. Their eyes flick back and forth behind their eyelids. Young spiders have a see-through outer layer over their eyes. It was easy to see them twitch. Many people do not trust God. Job 8:14 tells us that anything else people rely on is fragile like “a spider’s web.”