Leaders need their sweets.

Mr. M. made desserts in the White House for many years.  He knew what each leader liked best.

He had fun making up new treats.  People loved his food.

Pray: Ask Jesus to help you use your gifts like Mr. M. used his. What skills do you have that could bless others?

Read More: Mr. Roland Mesnier (MES-nee-yay) was the White House pastry chef for 26 years. He was born in Bonnay, France. His family was poor and had nine children. Mr. Mesnier worked with his mother in a pastry shop at age 12. He loved the job. He made pastries all over the world before he settled into the White House. His gingerbread houses were famous. One used 80 pounds of gingerbread! King Solomon kept his cooks busy. His household’s daily meals used 180 bushels of flour, 10 fat oxen, 20 cattle, 100 sheep, along with deer and fowl! (1 Kings 4:22-23)