Climb on and ride.

You can learn to ride.  It is not a bike.  It is a camel!

The first camel riding school is open.  Would you ride on an animal that big?

Pray: Thank God for animals that serve us. Camels can carry people and their bags a long way. 

Read More: The first official camel riding school is in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Students like learning to ride. They enjoy getting to know the camels. Most students come back for more lessons. Horses are about five feet tall. Camels are closer to six feet tall! It can take time to learn how to trot on such a big animal. Camels have served people for thousands of years. Today people race camels for prizes. Camels are a blessing to their owners in the Bible. Did you know Job owned 6,000 camels? (Job 42:12)