Take up your sword!

Smash.  Swords smack.  Shields protect.  People pretend to fight.  Splash!  One man falls into the river.  He liked it!

Grown-ups like to play too.  They pretend they are fighters from long ago.

Pray: Thank God for fun times to dress up and act out history. We can learn much when we study old battles.

Read More: Resca is a small village in Romania. It hosted a bash called Romula Fest. People acted out wars. Fighters from Rome and Dacia went at it! The people in charge of the event wanted others to remember what truly happened. They made sure the shapes and colors of the Roman shields, weapons, and helmets were correct. Many dressed up as Dacians were sad to recall that Rome won. The festival is a “practical history lesson.” God tells the Israelites to “remember the former things of old” and to know He is God. (Isaiah 46:9-10)