Share the light.

Ka-boom!  Storms can make a mess.  Trees may fall on power lines.  No more lights!

Churches can use sunlight to save power.  Some want to share the power with others.

Pray: Thank God we can store the Sun’s energy when power lines are down. May Jesus help you share what you have.

Read More: Churches and local groups in New Orleans, Louisiana, see a need. Hurricanes sometimes knock down power lines. Some people have wheelchairs that do not run without electricity. Many have medicine that must stay cold. Phones cannot work if they get low on power. New Orleans wants to have “lighthouses” all over the state. The lighthouses will be buildings with solar panels. People can come to the lighthouses to get access to electricity. Jesus teaches that people give God praise when we shine God’s light by doing what is good (like sharing). See Matthew 5:16.