Set sail in a pumpkin.

You have heard of Peter the pumpkin eater.  Mr. H. is a pumpkin sailor!

Mr. H. carved out a huge squash.  He got in.  He floated 12 hours down a river.

Pray: Thank God for autumn fruits and veggies. No pumpkin boat handy? How about some pumpkin or apple pie?

Read More: Mr. Duane Hansen is from Nebraska. He wanted a special 60th birthday present. A Guinness World Record! He spent years preparing. Mr. Hansen grew many giant pumpkins. He named an 846-pound squash Berta. Mr. Hansen carved Berta. He climbed in and sailed 38 miles down the Missouri River. That is the longest journey by pumpkin boat ever made. Happy birthday, Mr. Hansen! Paul talks about a prize he wants to win. He wants Jesus and heaven. Jesus helps us run the race of faith to win that prize. (1 Corinthians 9:24-27)