Do not disturb!

Mother sea turtles make nests on sandy beaches.  They lay eggs and then swim away.

Mississippi has beaches.  But there were no nests in the last 4 years.  That changed in August.  What kind of turtles will hatch?

Pray: Thank God for sea turtles. Ask God to teach you how to be careful with the creatures He made.

Read More: Workers cleaned the beach near Pass Christian, Mississippi. They discovered what looked like turtle tracks. Experts from the Institute for Marine Mammal Studies found a nest. They put markers and stakes around it. They want to keep people from hurting the eggs buried in the sand. People think the eggs could hold loggerhead or Kemp’s ridley babies. God has given His people the job of taking care of all things He has made. Psalm 8:8 reminds us that these include “whatever passes along the paths of the sea.”