Help us out, baby flies.

Baby flies are great farmers.  They are called maggots.  Throw out your old food.  Yum!  Maggots love it.  They eat it up.  They help the soil.

Farmers say maggots can make plants grow strong.    

Pray: Thank God that He gives every creature a job, even maggots. Insects might seem gross. But they are part of His good plan.

Read More: Farmers in Uganda have a problem. The price of fertilizer has gone up. Maggots to the rescue! The maggots are larvae of the black soldier fly. Agriculture workers give farmers vats of food waste full of larvae. Larvae gobble the waste. They leave behind poopy compost. It makes great fertilizer. Larvae grow up to be flies that lay more eggs. Agriculture workers get back more larvae. They pay the farmers. The compost makes farmers’ plants healthy. Everybody wins! May God help us care well for every “creeping thing that creeps on the Earth.” (Genesis 1:26)