Go love others well.

Mrs. Dar Draper said a prayer.  “Lord, give us more of a heart for kids in the world.”

Now she helps children who do not have parents.  She also helps older people.

Pray: Ask God to show you how to serve those in need. Jesus helps us pray, serve, and give to others.

Read More: Mrs. Draper and her husband, Andrew, hosted an orphan named Sasha from Ukraine in 2015. He told them older orphans need help. Teenage orphans do not have much support. They struggle to survive. The Drapers visited Ukraine. They loved the orphans they met. They taught them life skills. The Drapers wanted to help widows too. They started the GLOW Mission. GLOW stands for Go Love Others Well. Now GLOW is helping refugees who fled the war in Ukraine. GLOW is also rebuilding houses that were damaged by the war. Those who know God care about the poor and the needy. (Jeremiah 22:16)