This was a surprise.

Mr. Vega lives in Colombia [coh-LUM-bee-ah].  He counts birds in the Santa Marta mountains.

He spotted a hummingbird. There are only a few photos of this kind of bird. People wonder, “How many of the birds are there?”

Pray: Thank God that He allows us to learn about His creation.

Read More: The Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountains are home to 24 kinds of birds found nowhere else in the world. The Santa Marta sabrewing hummingbird was first officially documented in 1946. Another was spotted in 2010. Yurgen Vega captured photos of this male. It has emerald green feathers, a bright blue throat, and a curved black bill. It was singing! Experts think it might have been calling for a mate. Psalm 104:12 says, “Beside [the springs] the birds of the heavens dwell; they sing among the branches.”