A new king is on the throne.

King Charles III is now the head of England.  He worked a long time to be ready to be king. 

He wants to serve well.  His mother was queen.  She ruled well before him.

Pray leaders around the world will guide nations wisely. May they bow before Jesus. He is the King of Kings. 

Read More: King Charles III is the oldest person to become King of England. He is 73. His mother was Queen Elizabeth II. She served 70 years. King Charles studied history at Trinity College in Cambridge. He was a helicopter pilot in the Navy. He even wrote a children’s book. What does he do now as king? He visits with world leaders. He helps laws pass. He appoints church leaders. He also gives to good causes. King Solomon asked God to give him an “understanding mind” to govern Israel. (1 Kings 3:9)