Get well, corals!

Corals are tiny sea creatures.  Many corals are sick. 

People want to help.  They take pieces of coral.  They help them grow.  They put the corals back in the sea.

Pray people will know how to heal corals and grow more. Many fish live in coral reefs. 

Read More: Wasini is an island near Kenya, Africa. The corals around it are unwell. Strong corals are bright colors. Warmer water and sunlight glare make corals weak. Stressed corals bleach (turn white). Sick corals are not good fish homes. Scientists put coral pieces in nurseries to help them grow. They tie healthy corals to underwater pipes and steel nets. People hope for new coral reefs. But many of these corals die. We need more ideas to rescue corals. We can ask God for wisdom in how to help His creation. Read James 1:5.