Make music all your days.

Ruth S. could be your great-grandma.  She still plays music.

She sat down to learn piano at age three.  She had great teachers.  She likes to record songs. 

Pray you will use the gifts and skills God gave you to bless others all your days. 

Read More: Ms. Ruth Slenczynska (slen-CHEN-skah) is 97. She is not retired. She has a new album called My Life in Music. She learned from very famous piano teachers and played piano all over the world. Ms. Slenczynska’s father had her practice piano nine hours every day when she was young. She got very tired. She took a break from piano when she was older. Later, she taught and performed. She keeps playing because she loves music. She enjoys her life.  She says, “I’m having a good time wherever I go.” Ephesians 5:19-20 says we can give thanks to God with music and songs.