New blue birds are in town.

There are 15 new birds to see.  They are little blue penguins.

Their feathers look blue when they swim. Each is the size of a big bottle of soda.

Pray the penguins will do well in their new home. People want them to have families and be happy. 

Read More: The Birch Aquarium is in San Diego, California. Staff built a big space for 15 spunky little blue penguins. Their home has a huge pool, many burrows, and a sandy beach. Not all penguins live near the South Pole. Little blue penguins grow up in warmer spots like Australia and New Zealand. San Diego is perfect for them. The penguins weigh only two to three pounds each. Each one wears a colored wing band. They have names like Magic and Katie. Psalm 50:10-11 teaches that every beast and bird belongs to God.