Her space dream came true.

Whoosh!  Katya E. flew in a rocket.  She saw Earth from space. 

People did not think she would get to go.  But she did!
Pray: God sometimes lets us do what people never thought we could. Thank Him for being a giving Father.    

Read More: Katya Echazarreta is 26. She was born in Mexico. She always wanted to travel in space. At age seven, her family moved to the United States. Katya grew up and studied. She became an engineer. She got to work at NASA. Katya applied to go on a short trip into space. She was chosen out of 7,000 people. She is the first Mexican-born woman in space and one of the youngest women ever in space. Now she wants to go to the Moon! Psalm 136:3-9 teaches us to praise God who made the Earth, Sun, and stars because His “love endures forever.”