Make room for parks!

Hear the bird songs?  See the ponds?  This new park is in the city!

Cities can be loud and busy.  Parks give people a place to be quiet, walk, and bike. 

Pray: Go outside this week. Praise God for birds, trees, clouds, sunshine, and stars. They are gifts from our kind Lord. 

Read More: Bangkok is the most crowded city in Thailand. Tall buildings rise above sidewalks. Roads are clogged with traffic. City leaders saw that people need the peace nature brings. They took 101 acres where old factory buildings stood. They turned the land into a park! Birds and frogs took over the new trees and wetlands. Benjakitti Park gets up to 12,000 visitors on weekends. People are thankful for the beauty there. David said the Lord led him to “green pastures” and “beside still waters” to restore his soul. (Psalm 23:1-3)