Paint to keep a picture.

Many people move to this city in Iran.  Old, small homes are torn down.  Big, new houses are built.

Artists want to keep a record of the old places.  They make paintings.
Pray: May God help you make beautiful art. It is good to make pictures of lovely places and people.   

Read More: Tehran, Iran, grew to over 10 million people. Bulldozers tore down many buildings. Some were built in the 1800s. New apartments replaced them. These can house more people. Locals are concerned. They do not want their past destroyed. Painters help people remember the look of old places. Many artists went into the streets to paint when COVID-19 came. Museums and galleries had to close. But artists kept working. They keep the past alive with their pictures. Exodus 35:35 teaches us that God gives people their skills in the arts.