How many storms do you see?

1-2-3.  Can you count storms with me? 

Blue holes are deep pits in the sea floor.  There are layers of sand at the bottom.  Each layer shows when a storm came!

Pray: We can explore blue holes. We find clues about history. Thank God that His world has so much to teach us!

Read More: Blue holes are made of limestone or coral reef. Hine’s Hole is in the western Bahamas. It is over 1,000 feet wide. Layers of sediment lie at the bottom. The layers are at least 200 feet thick! The layers are a record. They show over 2,000 years of hurricane history. There is no oxygen at that depth. No animals disturb the layers. The layers show there used to be many more hurricanes than there are now. God’s “eternal power” is shown in what He has made. (Romans 1:20)