Check out this green giant!

No other plant is this big.  Is it a tree?  No!  It is a meadow in the sea!

Ribbon weed is a seagrass.  It filters and cleans water.  The whole meadow came from one plant!

Pray: Ribbon weed is home to small sea creatures. Pray it will keep growing and be healthy.

Read More: Poseidon’s ribbon weed grows off the coast of western Australia in Shark Bay. Shark Bay has the most seagrass in the world. Scientists took samples from 10 meadows. They wanted to find out more about each type of grass. They were surprised to learn the samples came from one plant. It stretches over 111 miles! They believe the plant is 4,500 years old. It sends out shoots to clone new plants just like itself. God made the sea full of “living things both small and great.” (Psalm 104:25)