They thought gardens were here.

Nineveh was a big city in Jonah’s day.  That was long ago.  The desert sands covered it up.  Mosul, Iraq, is now there.

People dug up part of the old city.  No gardens.  They uncovered buildings instead.

Pray that the workers unearthing Nineveh would be led to read the Bible story of Jonah to learn how great God is.

Read More: Nineveh was a beautiful city. Kings lived there. They built gardens and splendid palaces. The archaeologists who are uncovering one part of the old city believed orchards and gardens had been planted there. They found an area packed with buildings and roads instead. The team plans to build a park near the ruins for residents and tourists to enjoy. The people of Nineveh repented when Jonah preached to them. But the people living there years later did not repent when Nahum preached to them. He said, “Wasted is Nineveh; who will grieve for her?” (Nahum 3:7)