He is not too old to sail!

Mr. H. is brave!  He sailed a boat across the ocean.  

He took no breaks.  No one went with him.  He is the oldest person to make that trip!

Pray: People of all ages enjoy nature. Pray you will want to explore God’s grand world your whole life. 

Read More: Mr. Kenichi Horie is 83. He crossed the Pacific Ocean in his sailboat. He started in California. He finished in his home country of Japan. That is over 5,000 miles! It took more than two months. Mr. Horie has always enjoyed traveling. In 1974, he sailed alone around the world. He wants to keep sailing all his life. The first thing he wanted to do after his trip was take a “long, hot bath”! The Bible teaches we can learn much from older people. “Wisdom is with the aged.” (Job 12:12)